Leonid Galaganov

improviser composer multi-instrumentalist

Below are some inspired excerpts as leader or collaborator:


Chamber quintet

An excerpt from a live performance at 65 Fen music series with Sana Nagano, Jordan Morton, Lester St Louis and Daro Behroozi in July 2016. This composition makes use of original notation which ties durations of notes to breath cycles of performers. This concept synchronizes and makes audible the ensemble's collective breath, making the rhythms of the music be informed by states of body and mind and directed by the moment of performance.


Tape Operations

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Esoteric Trio


This trio with William Parker and Anais Maviel grew out of regular collaborations on rituals of healing music...

Prepared Piano


piano trio


The trio with Zack Clarke on piano and Evan Crane on bass has been playing regular sessions of standards, free improvised and original music since 2013. Precarious Gil is a tune that Leonid brought to their recording session at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn on a rainy day in May 2017.



Electronic quintet

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Detailed Correspondence was conceptualized as a counterpoint of 5 narratives, each recorded in isolation from other voices following individual instructions relating to a timeline, and layering the results together into a multi-dimensional soundscape. It was recorded in October 2017 at separate locations in NYC and Tallinn, Estonia and it features Anais Maviel on vocals, Misha Panfilov on guitar and sonic collage, Zack Clarke on electronics, Leonid on shakuhachi and Volodja Brodsky sampling all of the above.

Chamber Ensemble

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Here's a recording of a piece from rehearsal that juxtaposes written material with open sections of conducted improvisations within a set form and harmonic structure. It was written and recorded in November 2017 for Sana Nagano, Leonor Falcon Pasquali and Chris Irvine on strings and Nick Gianni, Guillermo Gregorio, Claire de Brunner, Michael Lytle, Lee Odom, Josh Sinton, Brian Groder and Ben Stapp on winds.


Concrete Sound Art

Jazz improv Quartet


A brief excerpt from an upcoming album with Billy Drewes, Zack Clarke and Drew Gress. Leonid gathered this quartet to explore varying degrees of instruction, and the album concept features 11 different approaches to organization of improvisation.

Free Jazz Sessions

Fragment from painting by Misha Panfilov

A take from one of the numerous sessions played at Francois Grillot's Kitchen. With Francois, Rich Rosenthal, and Nick Lyons.

Jazz Sextet

These are some excerpts from a live performance at Black Box Theater in Greenwich Village with Anna Webber, Nicole Davis, Ricardo Ospina Duque, Nathaniel Vito and Shawn Lovato in June 2016.

standards Trio

A couple of home recordings from jazz sessions at Leonid's with Santiago Leibson on piano and Evan Crane on bass.